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ďHow To Finally Lose All Your Excess Fat Even If You Have Been Overweight All Your Life And Have Failed At Every Diet Plan
In ExistenceĒ

Revealing . . . the amazing weight loss secret used successfully by DESPERATE WOMEN who are afraid of losing their husbands to younger women

WARNING: The letter below will shock you because you havenít seen anything quite like it.

Dear Friend (and loyal subscriber),

If you have tried almost EVERYTHING you can to lose weight and you still havenít succeeded in doing so, then this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Why do I say so?

Simple. Itís because. . .

Thereís Still One Thing You Havenít Tried. . . Yet

And this one thing has taken women from fat to sexy slim in record time!

The amazing thing is it requires. . .

  • No special diet to follow

  • No running around your neighbourhood in the name of exercising

And definitely.

  • You do not need to lay down on a surgeonís table to get the fat cut out!

If you have ever struggled with weight issues for some time, Iím guessing youíll have tried many diet and exercise plans without success.

And you may have been wondering why they never worked for you. You may even have blamed yourself for them not working.

If so, youíre wrong.

Thereís actually. . .

 5 Reasons Why Most Weigh Loss and Diet Plans
Donít Work!

Reason #1. The body has very powerful adjustment mechanisms to retain the present status to which it is accustomed. Almost all diets alter three basic states of the body besides just the weight level - a.) nutrition level, b.) taste level, which is the present types of foods the body is accustomed to eating everyday, c.) volume level, which is the present amount of daily food intake.

Reason #2. Nearly all diets require a force of change of habits. And as you and I know, habits are HARD to stop.

Reason #3. Nearly all diets create work, necessitating mathematical calorie calculations, and seeking out and learning to prepare strange foods.

Reason #4. No diet takes into account that no two persons are the same with respect to physical and psychological traits. People have their own peculiar likes and dislikes. For example if a diet recommends exercise, many people donít like it and will not do it!

Reason #5. Many fad diets are EXTREMELY dangerous to a personís health and life. They create chemical changes and nutritional deficiencies which contribute to serious diseases which compound the already existing weight problem.

However, you and I know that getting your weight down is very crucial to your own safety, happiness and overall life goals, especially if thereís a way which will show you how to lose weight without the attendant hassles.

Because if you do lose all your excess weight;


    Your fear of losing your spouse to a younger woman because of your weight problem will be gone forever. (As we speak right now, many women are having BIG problems of infidelity in their marriages because their husbands are out and about looking for slim, sexy and attractive young women)


      You will be able to get back to your old clothes that used to make you feel like a star!


    Your big tummy will go down flat like a super modelís own (yes, this secret will make that happen)


    Your complaints about fat arms, thighs, buttocks, and love handles will become a thing of the past!


    You will have a super attractive physique causing everyone who walks past you to turn and look back!

But Wait, Thereís More!

You will also enjoy . . .


       Greater productivity at work or in your business


       Greater athletic performance and quicker recovery


       Healthy, long-term and permanent weight loss


       Healthier and more beautiful skin, hair, and nails Ė you will have a glow!


       Dramatically improved energy and vigour


           More motivation, less fear and more willingness to take challenges head-on


       Instant Immunity to prevent sickness and disease


       Increased chance of prolonging your life while living in great health

How will all of this happen, you ask?

Before I tell you how to make all of this come true for you, I want to explain how you got all that weight in the first place and believe me, itís not because you overeat or donít exercise or anything like that.

The reason you get fat and canít seem to lose it, is actually because of

What You Do Everyday That You Are Not 
Even Aware Of!

Let me explain.

Every single day there are certain foods you eat and certain drugs you take, and certain things you use everyday that infuse into your blood stream, toxins that clog up your body system and prevent your body from shedding off excess fat.

Things like:

Hormone-pumped meat; animal meat from cows, pigs, or chickens and antibiotic-laced dairy from commercial cattle: These animals that are infused with hormones and antibiotics are posing a serious threat to your health without you even knowing it.

It all started about 50 years ago when farmers, food companies and pharmaceutical companies decided to start adding man-made estrogenic hormones in the cattle, pigs and poultry that we eat. They wanted to make the animals grow faster and make the meat softer and fattier.

Dairy cows were given hormones so that they would produce more milk.

Poultry (Chicken, Turkeys, Quails etc) and Fish sold in fast-food restaurants are cultured with steroids to grow to table size maturity fast.

Whatís more? They are also regularly fed with conventionally grown and chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables.

And this strategy worked...but your health is now paying the price!

Package Foods: Package foods and desserts that are loaded with hidden sugars and artificial ingredients. Whole grains that are said to be healthy but are actually packed with allergenic ingredients like gluten, which has been linked to countless health problems including auto-immune disorders.

Skin and Personal Care Products: These products are shuttling dangerous chemicals like lead, BHT, and other cancer-causing agents directly through your skin and into your body. Since your skin is your body's LARGEST membrane (and detox organ), these "surface" products are just as dangerous as what you eat.

Medicines like Advil, Aspirin, or Tylenol: Plastics and food containers? Cleaning and laundry supplies? Make-up and personal care products?

These and more all team up to block your bodyís metabolism system and deposit high amounts of toxins inside your blood stream, thus making your body

Totally Unable To Shed Any Fat

These toxins are making you age fasterÖ they are tearing your body apart from the inside-outÖ they are forcing your body to cling on to unnecessary fatÖ and most importantly, these "invisible" toxins are slowly but surely shortening your life span and robbing you of the quality of life you have left.

And the annoying part is. . .

You Cannot Get Rid of These Toxins Creating
'Lock-Up' Fat Inside Your Body By. . .

Taking Supplements Ė obviously that's a stupid thing to do considering that drugs will simply add more toxins INSIDE your body rather than remove any.

Exercising Ė there's a foolish notion making the rounds that when you exercise and sweat, then toxins inside your body will leave through the sweat.

Nothing can be more misleading than that. When you sweat, the ONLY thing that leaves your body is water AND urea.

There's only ONE way of removing these toxins and having your body release the fats stored inside. And Itís actually simple.

Introducing. . .

"The 4-Weeks Detox Diet!"

A Natural Cleansing System Using Locally
Sourced Nigerian Raw Diet To Evaporate
Fat & Expel Life Threatening Toxins"

This product which I created with the help of a certified nutritionist details the exact steps that every overweight person can take to lose weight through an Internal body cleansing using raw plant foods.

Foods such as the common fruits, salads and vegetables we find in the country.

Hereís what itíll show you. . .

bullet The easiest way to rapidly lose belly fat, thigh fat, arm fat and all kinds of body fats in record time.
bullet Why counting calories does not work. (and the one thing that actually does)
bullet How making one small change to the way you eat can help you prevent cancer, cardiovascular trouble, diabetes, and obesity. (These four diseases are killing people between the ages of 25 and 50 rapidly these days. Even people that look perfectly healthy!)
bullet How to crank up your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting human blast furnace! 
bullet Be shown how to eat 50% more calories without storing a kilogram as fat
bullet How any woman can have the glowing skin of a cover model and feel 10 years younger ó your colleagues and friends will be amazed at how amazing you look and they'll be dying to know your secret.
bullet Learn about the ONE common denominator in all diseases and how FOUR easy actions can minimize your risk.
bullet How spending 5 minutes each morning doing this one easy task (that even a 5-ear old can do) will help create tremendous success (in any area of your life, especially at losing body fat).
bullet Eliminate this ONE group of foods and your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and body inflammation will be cut down by 90%!
bullet What people in Asia, do to live above 100 years with raw foods and how you too can do it in Nigeria.
bullet Revealed! The youth-preserving and disease-preventing secrets of the longest living people on earth!
bullet How to incorporate more raw foods into your diet WITHOUT being a 100% raw food fanatic. (Youíll learn how to easily make them very tasty and delicious to eat!)
bullet Where the true nature of a food's energy actually reside! Anyone who tells you itís calories is dangerous! Stay away from them!
bullet How to overcome crippling food cravings so that you can finally be in control of the foods you put in your body!
bullet How to lose unwanted fat permanently without wrecking your metabolism or depriving yourself of food. (This one is MEGA!)
bullet How to slow the aging process, live longer, and hardly ever get sick again.
bullet How to have more physical strength, stamina, and vigour without putting yourself through torturous commando-like workouts.
bullet And so much more!

But donít take my word for it.

Here are the testimonies other people with weight problems just like you have gotten after taking my advice.







Now youíve seen that my advice works. Youíve heard other people say it.

The Questions now is . .  . . .

How Do You Access The 4-Weeks Detox Diet?

Hereís how.

Itís simple actually.

The 4-Week Detox Diet is available to you for the launch price of N 4,950.

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I want to give you a chance to get it at a low price unavailable to everyone else who is not in my subscriber list.

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I am actually doing you a favour here. Giving you a chance to get it for less than 60% of what other people will get it.

To further sweeten the deal for you, I'm giving away 3 EXTRA powerful bonuses to compliment this material for the first batch of people who order this product this week.

Special Bonuses For Fast Action Takers

Special Report #1

Fruits and Veggies - What Science is Saying...

Find out recent discoveries science has made about fruits and vegetables and the associated benefits as well as risks for people who do not eat them regularly.


Special Report #2

Listeria - Just Another Reason to Avoid Meat!

What is Listeria, you ask? Well this is a bacteria found in meats. It's responsible for some diseases among pregnant women, and weakens the human immune system. This short report will give you more information about the risks of eating red meat.


Special Report #3

The 5 Most Effective Weight Loss Tricks

In this short report, you will discover 5 amazing tricks people who succeed in losing weight use to maintain their shape permanently.

So . . .

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But Then I Want To Save You Any Worries Whatsoever!

I know you may have tried many other diet programs in the past, and you may be wondering and thinking, ďWill The 4-Week Detox Diet work just as Joe says it will?Ē

I want to save you that worry by giving you . . .

A 90-Day ďIt Will Work Or You Get You Money Back In FULLĒ Guarantee!

Hereís what I mean.

I'm so confident that The 4-Week Detox Diet will work for you. So I say go ahead and get it.

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Yes, I am that confident that the The 4-Week Detox Diet will work for you. It has worked for me. It has worked for others. It will work for you.


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This Is The Diet You Have Been Waiting For!

No excuses

No counting calories

No deprivation

Just follow it and in no time youíre sinfully slim.

Donít hesitate, donít wait. Get it now. And start on your way to losing fat the easiest way ever created.

Sincerely yours,

Joe Okoro

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