7 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat!

imagesOne of the hardest fats to lose is the fat around the belly. Beside the fact that belly fat makes one look less beautiful, it’s also very unhealthy.

The reason is accumulation of belly fat allows the chance of diseases like type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, and cancer to develop more quickly than someone who do not have belly fat.

So it is very important that we do all we can to control the growth of fat around the belly at all times.

If you’ve been making efforts to lose weight and you’re not seeing results yet, it could be that there are some things you are not doing right.

Below are some of the tips that will help you to checkmate your activities and see what you can do to improve them.

1. You’re Always Stressed

Stress happens when the body is subjected to too much pressure from work, deadlines, goals, bills to pay, trouble at home etc. When this happens, a stress hormone called cortisol is released and this causes the increase of the amount of fat stored in your body not to be utilized for energy.

When someone experience intense stress over time, more of this hormone is released and thus causing the development of more visceral fat which forms around the belly region.

2. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

If you sleep less than 6 hours every night, your body is not receiving the full benefit of restorative sleep that helps the brain and body to function at their full capacity.

Several research studies have shown that less sleep causes weight gain among many people. If you want your body to function at optimal capacity, you need to get adequate 7 – 8 hours sleep every night.

3. Lack of Motivation To Lose Weight

A lot of people want to lose weight. No they wish to lose weight, but they do not have the motivation to do those things that will help them achieve their wants.

Every success in every field of human endeavour happens when action is taken. But a lot of people are simply too busy to pay attention to their own body. They do not have time to eat right, do the right exercise all the time to get results they desire.

4. You’re Still Eating Processed Foods

If you want to have success with belly fat, you need to develop an approach of always eating a low-calorie diet that is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates and sugar along with cardiovascular and weight training.

And that also means that you have to avoid any and all types of processed foods which includes, but not limited to; white bread, chips, biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, can foods, bottled foods, sealed foods, etc. All processed foods cause severe inflammation which is a culprit of belly fat.

If you stick with this long enough, the belly fat will drop naturally.

Eating right to lose your belly fat means knowing how to plan your food week by week with delicious fat burning Nigerian foods. If you need help with such a plan, the Flat Belly Miracle program is one of such plans.

5. You’re Getting Older

Naturally, as one ages, the lesser the body’s rate of metabolism. Have you ever wondered why you’re able to eat more food when you were in your teens and early 20s and yet do not gain a single fat on your tummy.

It’s because at youth, the rate of metabolism is higher and activity level is also higher. To combat the issue of growing belly fat while one is getting older, we need to add more physical activity to help increase our rate of metabolism so that fat burning could also be rapid.

For women, after the phase of menopause, they tend to gain more belly fat because the production of sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone slows down as well. In men, a similar thing happens, their testosterone levels starts to drop as well, but at a lower rate than the women, and this explains why men are still fertile during those phase.

The women’s body tend to hold on to their belly fat because of this shift. However, with the right planing of eating and proper nutrition and exercise the problem of belly fat at this time can be battled successfully.

6. You’re Doing The Wrong Exercises

If you want to lose belly fat, and you start to jog early in the morning or run around your entire neighbourhood, you’re simply wasting your time.

Yes, this exercise is good for your heart, but it will not help you to lose that belly fat.

According to research studies, if you want your body to be in a rapid fat burning mode, you need to do some form of weight and cardiovascular training. In a lay man’s terms, these are exercises that works your muscles. Some form of these exercises is push-ups, squats and lunges. All of these exercise works your arm muscles, legs muscles and waist and helps to burn fat at the same time.

7. You Do Not Know That Belly Fat is 80% Nutrition; 20% Exercise

The truth is the fundamental reasons why a lot of people see good results from their efforts to lose weight and belly fat is because they’ve learned how to eat well.

When you learn how to eat quality and good foods, you’ll find out that without much effort, the weight and belly fat will start to drop. You’ll only need to do some form of little intensive exercises to fast track it.

The problem is Nigerian foods are full of majorly carbohydrate foods. How in the world can one learn how to properly combine these foods in the right proportions and get perfect matches for the right breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Well, that question is answered in the Flat Belly Miracle Product. It’s one of the best programs on the Nigerian market which has helped over 1000 Nigerians to lose belly fat for real.

If you need to start losing those stubborn belly fat, take your time, implement all of the above tips and combine it with the right eating pattern as specified in the Flat Belly Miracle Product here and fast track your success in losing belly fat starting today.

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Is Your Food Causing You To Grow Old?

agingDo you know that getting old in our present industrialized world can be influenced by the food we eat?

Do you know that the way people grow old in the past is different with how we grow old in recent times?

The truth is, old age start showing in people from the age of 60 and above. In recent times, old age in most people start showing at the age of 40.

In recent times scientific studies have shown that the “quick aging” which we experience in our time is attributed to the type of foods which¬† industrialization has brought to us.

And that is why the new definition of AGE is Advanced Glycation End-products

Why Is Aging Defined That Way?

Because according to Wikipedia, Glycation is a condition that results when sugary foods are eaten without any enzyme to control it within or outside the body, which usually result to inflammation.

What Causes Inflammation?

According to Dr. Timothy Harlan, an assistant professor of medicine in the UK school of medicine, he said that eating of poor quality foods like foods made from sugar and processed carbohydrates like pasta, bread, baked foods causes inflammation of the skin.

This overtime, causes one to look older than the person actually is. Further more eating of these foods are the primary culprit for degenerative diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. All of these put one’s health on the line.

If you want to combat the “aging process” and age naturally, then you must eat foods that are nutritious, and that rejuvenates your skin texture. And the foods that perform these miracles are no other foods than the common fruits and vegetables which we all have around us in abundance.

Most of us neglect these natural foods and prefer foods from eateries, whereas these are the same foods killing us and wreaking havoc on our health overtime.

So if you want to successfully combat the modern “aging” process here are some list of foods to remove from your meal table.

Foods To Avoid

1. Fatty Meats

Avoid meats that have white fats deposits on it, and the fatty part of any meat.

Meats are good sources of protein. However, if you must eat meat, go for the lean meat. Lean meat are meat that are grass fed and which did not go through the normal mass production process. Most of Nigerian cows are lean meat because they are grass fed.

Other lean meat option which you can eat instead are white meat like turkey or
chicken breasts.

2. Fried Foods

An example of fried foods is the potato chips and other things that are deep fried. These types of foods causes or adds to inflammation throughout the body. Moreover foods like this raises your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and lowers the HDL (good) cholesterol.

3. Baked Foods

Some examples of baked foods include doughnuts, cakes, burgers, hotdogs and sugary pastries. These foods are packed with sugar and of course this contributes to inflammation as I have earlier discussed

4. Alcohol

Moderate intake of alcohol can be good for the body and the heart. However, heavy drinking can contribute to the “aging” process. So if you love alcohol a lot, you need to learn portion control and limit it seriously to 1 – 2 drinks per week.

Foods To Embrace

All the time we keep stressing on the need to eat very natural. Take note that the reason why this is important is because reminders like this can never be over emphasized as all of us have a tendency to go off track from time to time.

If you want to eat and reverse the “aging” process brought about by western industrialization, you need to learn to eat as closely as possible, foods in their natural state, for example instead of drinking an “orange juice”, you’re better off drinking that orange juice from the real oranges.

Below is a small list of foods you need to favour that are in their natural state.

1. Fresh fish
Fishes are not processed, so you can cook and eat them. Some fishes like the Salmon and Tuna are rich in Omega-3 fats and helps fight inflammation which is responsible for the aging process.

2. All types of beans
Beans are good sources of protein and loaded with fiber and nutrients that helps to build the muscle and make fat burning rapid. It also helps in the restoration of the outer skin.

The skin as it is, is made of protein itself. I’m sure you know that other meats is also a source of good protein. The same goes with the human skin. So you need to eat sufficient quantity of protein foods to nourish the look of the skin, else the skin reflects that immediately as wrinkled even when you’re still young.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

Your diet should be made up of at least 50% of this on a daily basis, this will help to reverse the aging process, and of course help you to live healthy, lose weight and avoid all the debilitating diseases that comes with old age.

The list above is not exhaustive, there are still other healthy food option you need to include. However, the list above will help you get started. As long as you’re getting enough of these foods on a regular basis, you’ll be able to produce healthy skin cells which will allow you to stop the “aging” process and of course when the time comes for you to get old, it will be a natural old age, instead of aging while you’re still young.

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The #1 Beverage For Healthy Life!

greenteaThe advent of western culture has brought with it lots of drinks that has been proven overtime to be damaging to health.

Do you know why our ancestors never grew fat the way we do today? It’s because long before industrialization, our ancestors lived on foods that are purely natural.

Their foods at the time were made of meats, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and water. And when they’re sick, they know leaves or herbs that has the power to cure some of these ailment and they simply take it, squeeze the water and drink or they simply eat the leaves.

Industrialization has brought varieties of drinks to add “spice to life”, and along with adding “spice to life”, several diseases, illnesses, and toxic elements has been added along the line, thus invalidating the original purpose of these “spices to life”.

Last week, I outlined some of the drinks that is unhealthy for humans, all of these drinks are made of synthetic sugars and chemicals which wreak havoc on the body in the long run.

Today, I’m going to discuss one of the healthiest drinks or beverages of all time. That drink is something that our hunter gatherer fathers enjoyed to become strong, agile, and lived up to 100 years and above.

The name of that drink is Green Tea.

What Is Green tea?

According to Wikipedia, it defines it thus: “Green tea is made from the leaves from Camellia Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. Green tea originated in China, but it has become associated with many cultures throughout Asia.”

Many people who have made it a habit to drink this tea have experienced tremendous health benefits, just by consuming it alone.

Though I have always talked about the benefits of drinking Green tea for those who want to lose weight. But the truth is the health benefits of Green tea goes beyond those who wish to lose weight.

Losing weight, is just one small area that drinking Green tea helps improves.

I’m going to discuss other positive health implications and ailments just taking Green tea alone helps prevent and treat as well.

So the next time you drink Green tea, you’re at the same time taking nutritious, medicinal and life enhancing drink all at the same time. This can not be compared to drinking all the industrialized drinks in the market which brings nothing but diseases and eventual death.

Green tea comes in many varieties. All the studies that have been done over the years on people who regularly consume Green tea has yielded positive results consistently.

Here Are The Health Implications of Drinking Green Tea

Heart Disease And Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a disease caused by the continual deposit of fatty materials along the walls of the arteries. And this happens when foods that are rich in excess sugar, and unhealthy fats are eaten.

Studies have shown that people who have these diseases, have got serious improvements after subjecting themselves to drinking Green tea. The studies also shows that people who consume Green tea regularly are less likely to develop any heart related diseases throughout their lifetime.

Cholesterol Levels

In the body, their are two types of cholesterol, the bad (LDL:Low Density Lipoprotein) and the good (HDL: High Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol.

When doctors tell you to stop eating some foods because of their high cholesterol levels, what the doctor is actually saying is that you should stop eating foods that has a tendency to increase your bad cholesterol levels (LDL).

He is not referring to the Good cholesterol(HDL), because the body actually need the good cholesterol for metabolism.

The effect of Green tea on your body when taken is to help improve the level of the good cholesterol and reduce the bad cholesterol level. Additionally, the ingredients of Green tea in your body helps it to reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol, thus keeping the level very low.

But this should not be the reason for anyone to go ahead and eat unhealthy foods, and believe that drinking a cup of Green tea will “wash” it off. That can be likened to pouring water into a weaved or leaking basket. No matter how much water you pour, the water will always flow away.

Green tea only help in moderating cholesterol levels in the body as long as you’re making efforts to live healthily.

Cancer Risk

Green tea contains an antioxidant called Polyphenols. This compound has an element called Catechins. The work of Catechins is to help reduce inflammation in the body that may otherwise damage the DNA and attack vital body cells, which ultimately sets the stage for the development of cancer.

The work of Green tea by means of these components is to stop, or prohibit the development of any form of cancer in the lungs, mouth, skin, intestines, pancreas, stomach, liver and any other place cancer growth can happen in the body.

Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetics are known to have an abnormally high sugar levels. Research has shown that consuming 3 tea bags of green tea per day can reduce high blood sugar levels in diabetics.

And for non-diabetics, it stabilizes blood sugar levels by preventing rapid spikes of blood sugar when sugary foods are taken which leads to an energy crash when this happens.

Liver Diseases

Research studies have shown that high consumption of Green tea helps in reducing inflammation in the liver, that maybe caused by hepatitis or excessive alcohol consumption.

Weight Loss

Green tea is very effective in weight loss if it is accompanied with a workout routine. The truth is Green tea does not promote rapid weight loss on its own. However, it accelerates your fat burning hormones or metabolism when you exercise so that your fat burning levels will be multiplied and you see faster results, unlike when Green tea is not part of the weight loss therapy.

In other words, drinking Green tea gives the body an extra fat-burning power when exercising, while eating healthy.

The Best Way To Drink Green Tea

Some people love drinking their teas with additives like sugar and milk to sweeten it. However, if you want to enjoy the potency of Green tea, beware of added sugars. Adding sugar to your Green tea is not healthy and will diminish its potency and healing powers. Even adding milk will make it not effective.

All of this should be avoided by all means.

If you want to enjoy your Green tea and benefit from the rich antioxidant powers, it’s best you take it while hot or iced in the fridge.

While adding sugars and milk is not encouraged, there are other additives that you can include to further enhance the health quality of your Green tea. You can add Lemon, Cinnamon, fruit wedges to improve the taste.

If you already have access to Green tea, what I have outlined above is the best way to take it. If you do not have access to it and wish to order it, I provided a link to the email that came with this newsletter on how to get the original Green tea to your doorstep here in Nigeria.

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6 “Unhealthy” Drinks For Your Body!

Some people just can’t do without drinking one type of drink or the other. However, if you want to live a healthy life and lose weight it’s paramount that you learn to avoid some of these drinks.

In this article, I’m discussing 6 types of the drinks that should not be taken because they’re simply unhealthy for regular consumption.

#1 – Soft Drinks

softdrinksYou know them already. The drinks we call “minerals”. The truth is this drink is one of the worst type of drinks to take into your system. It’s so overloaded with sugar and make you crave for more food after drinking it. There’s nothing healthy about this drink, worse yet, it provides you with empty calories and make your body more toxic, acidic and conducive for bacteria growth.

In fact, taking soft drinks has been known as one of the worst foods that causes obesity and diseases.

#2 – Juice

All the drinks that are labeled “juice drink” fall into this category. And that includes all packaged drinks called Orange juice, pineapple juice, strawberry juice, apple juice etc. I’m not mentioning brand names for obvious reasons, but you get the point. All of these drinks are not naturally made and have undergone industrial processes that has pumped tons of synthetic sugar and colourings into this to help it mimic the real taste of the original juices.

If you want to drink any type of juice, ensure you get it from freshly pressed fruits like oranges, pineapple, watermelon etc. You can use a juicer to get the juice out and drink it. Any drink outside this process should be avoided by all means.

#3 – Sports Drinks

There are some waters taken by athletes which are labeled as natural. They are called sports drinks. These drinks have a mixture of natural and artificial sweeteners, plus a list of other industrial additives which makes it very unhealthy. If you are athletic and looking to buy a sport drink to replenish your energy, there is no better liquid to go for than a bottle of cold fresh water.

#4 – Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol generally is known to have a very bad effect on the body when taken too much. There is nothing wrong if once in a week, you try alcoholic drink and in moderation. Little and infrequent drinking of alcohol has been shown to boost blood flow, raise HDL cholesterol, and improve sugar metabolism.

On the other hand heavy consumption of alcohol has been attributed to a higher risk of cancer for those who drink 3 or more times of liquor in a day, than those who drank in moderation or not at all.

#5 – Energy Drinks

When you hear the word “energy drinks”, the thought is that these drinks actually supply you with extra energy to go on with other activities of the day. The truth is, the word “Energy drink” is actually a marketing terminology because in reality the drinks referred to as Energy drinks are loaded with Caffeine.

Caffeine is known to supply short burst of alertness which people wrongly misunderstood as improved energy. Of course, if you’re tired and you drink this energy drink, and notice that your alertness has improved, you’ll confuse this with added energy.

One thing is, this alertness is short lived and usually, when the effect is gone, the person simply crashes. The bad side to energy drinks, is apart from the fact that too much caffeine is not healthy for the body, these drinks are loaded with added sugar which favours the fat cells in the body and thus leads to obesity.

If you need alertness of your brain, you’re better off drinking a cup of green tea or chewing a handful of cashew nuts.

#6 – Diet Soda

diet-sodaAll types of soda fall under this category. If you’re the type that drinks diet coke. Know this. Diet coke and other diet soda products contain empty calories and they are 100% nutrition free. More importantly, when you take lots of diet sodas, there’s a chance you’re not taking the healthy calories that your body needs.

Calories are not equally created. 400 calories present in fresh vegetables can not be equated with 400 calories from sugar coated foods. One type is required by your body for healthy metabolism, the other type does damage and is stored in your fat cells.

Conclusively, if you’re in the habit of regularly consuming any of the above mentioned drinks and you desire a healthy body, this article is a wake up call to restrict or completely eliminate these drinks from your choice drinks.

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3 REASONS Why Less Sleep Make You Fat!

Are you in anyway overweight, obese, or simply have the tendency to grow fat? woman-on-bed-sleeping

Do you know that all the efforts you make to lose weight could be retarded if you ignore one activity?

Yes, if you want to lose weight for real, one thing you must take care of first before you pay attention to your diet and exercises is the amount of sleep you have each night.

According to research, an adult need between 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night to be able to perform at his peak.

Do you also know that not having enough sleep could disrupt a lot of things in your body?

If you want to live a healthy life, whether you are fat or not, you should make it a habit to have a minimum of 7 – 8 hours of sleep everyday.

When you enjoy a good night of sleep, I’m sure we all know how it feels the next morning. We’re energized; full of life, ready to start the new day with vigor and full of strength.

Just having enough daily night sleep can help some medical conditions such as people with High Blood pressure, diabetes etc.

You may ask, how does not sleeping enough cause weight gain?

I’m going to highlight 3 things that happens to us when we sleep less than 7 hours each day.

#1 – Lack Of Sleep Produces Cortisol (Belly Fat Hormone)

There is a hormone called Cortisol (also nicknamed Belly fat hormone). This hormone is responsibly for transporting and storing fat in the belly region of the human body.

Cortisol also causes cellular damage which could later affect other vital organs of the body.

Guess what?

This hormone is released into the bloodstream when the body do not get sufficient restorative sleep at night.

When you sleep up to 7 – 8 hours every night, the body releases a hormone called HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which is responsible for keeping you young and youthful looking. However, less sleep forces the body to produce less quantities of HGH and instead produces Cortisol to do damage and store fat in your belly region.

So if you want to start losing weight today, sleep well, your body will reward you by shutting off the Cortisol valve, while pumping loads of HGH into your system.

So from this article, we have learned that learning to control your hormones is the number one step to loosing weight. And that hormone is Cortisol.

#2 – Tiredness From Sleep Deprivation

People who are sleep deprived have lesser energy, and as a result their metabolism is “slowed” as well causing the rate of fat burn in the body to be slow as well.

That means, when you eat while you’re tired, less calories of the food you eat is burned because your body do not have the vitality and strength needed to crush and convert your food quickly to energy.¬† A good portion of your food is stored away as fat when you are tired.

#3 – Eating More Because Of Staying Awake Longer

Do you know that people who sleep late at night and wake up earlier the next day have a tendency to eat more than those who sleep earlier?

The truth is when you stay awake longer than others, your body uses energy while you’re awake and tends to desire food 2 – 3 hours after dinner.

Periodic fasting helps the body to lose weight. And this fasting happens between the time you sleep at night to the next day, which is roughly 10 – 12 hours everyday.

For example, if you had your last dinner by 8pm in the night, and go to bed by 10pm, if you wake up the next day by 6am, you have complete a complete cycle of 8 hours sleep.

If you have your breakfast by 8am the next day, you’ve just fasted for 12 hours. That is why meals taken in the morning are called “Break-Fast”. You have just “broken” the “Fasting” that started from 8pm the previous night when you had your dinner, by having another meal by 8am the next morning.

So for the late sleeper, or the person who do not have sufficient sleep, he will feel hungry by 11pm if he is still awake. By eating this time, he is interrupting “Nature’s time” for natural healing and adding extra calories that might not be burned because

  1. The body is less active during the night, fat burning is low at this time.
  2. Extra calories of food has been added to the body, exceeding the normal daily caloric requirement of the body which will translate to extra weight added.

So if you want all the diets and exercise you’re presently working on to have maximum effect on you to lose weight or burn fat, you need to work on your sleep pattern. And if you currently are overweight, or obese and you’re not on any weight-loss plan, then I will suggest you start with the Miracle Belly Fat Program Here.

It will help you immensely in your weight loss journey as over 1000 Nigerians to date continue to testify to its efficacy.

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