My Blood Pressure – An Experiment!

I have always been very attentive to my blood pressure readings for a very long time. In fact, I actually have an electronic blood pressure monitor in my house. blood-pressure-numbers

And the reason is, I came from a family that have a history of High Blood Pressure. My both parents were hypertensive before their demise.

They both succumbed to the same illness.

Father died of cardiac arrest, mother died of heart failure.

Both were over weight and never exercised as they should.

And because of that I learn a very vital lesson, to always monitor my blood pressure, and watch my weight.

I think that is what motivated me to start writing the newsletters on healthy living 5 years ago.

I have always been an advocate of regular exercise and my blood pressure readings has always hovered around 110/68 to 115/70

However sometime early last 2 months, I lost an uncle, and I had to travel for the funeral. While I was there, I spent 9 days with preparations and every other thing that needed to be done.

In that period of time, there was no conducive environment or even the chance to do my regular exercise. I even lost some sleep during some of the days and this caused me serious mental stress.

However, I was with my blood pressure monitor. I check it weekly.

When I checked my blood pressure, It has gone up beyond the normal reading that I use to experience.

It was reading 125/80. I was under severe stress.

When I got back to my base, I decided to do an experiment on the effect of exercise on blood pressure.

The results below are my findings…

Effects of Exercise On Blood Pressure

Before I started, I took my blood pressure reading in the morning, and this time it was reading 120/71.

Starting Blood pressure reading…

Systolic = 120
Diastolic = 71
Pulse rate = 70

Workout Done

I used my Dumbbells to do Squats and Dead-lifts, along with Bench presses, and some Push-Ups for a total of 30 minutes.

Blood Pressure Reading 30 Minutes After Workout

In exactly 30 minutes after the exercise, I used my electronic blood pressure reading to check my blood pressure, below was my results.

Systolic = 105
Diastolic = 56
Pulse rate = 105

If you notice, in the result above, 30 minutes after the exercise, my blood pressure went down to 105/56, from 120/71 but my pulse rate was 105. This bothered me for a little while.

Then I remembered that the reason why the pulse rate was high was because, my heart beat has not yet recovered to the normal heart beat level because of the strenuous exercise I just did.

So I decided to wait another 3 hours before taking another measurement.

After 3 hours, I repeated the blood pressure reading, and here is what I saw…

Blood Pressure Reading 3 Hours After Workout

Systolic = 113
Diastolic = 55
Pulse rate = 80

So the blood pressure reading this time around is 113/55, and the pulse rate is now 80. I know this will eventually go down to 70 or 72 before the end of the day.

You can also learn more on how to naturally control your blood pressure without drugs from this resource. Click here to view

Lessons From Blood Pressure Experiment

From the experiment above, it’s obvious that exercising alone helps immensely to crash blood pressure level.

BP-ChartIt also means that if you dedicate a regular time for exercising, your blood pressure will be controlled or brought down without any need for a drug.

However, if one is already hypertensive, it is always a good idea to get your doctor’s opinion on the type of exercises that will be good for you to engage in.

If you’re hypertensive, and you have not been exercising for many years, don’t just start doing any exercises, get your doctor’s opinion first on the type of exercise that can support your heart.

The bottom line is this…

Any form of exercise that tasks your heart a little, if done regularly is a natural way to control blood pressure without medications.

And for people living with Type 2 Diabetes, do you know that regular exercises help, in addition to strengthening the heart, lowering blood pressure, burning fat, to increase Insulin sensitivity?

When your Pancreas is sensitive to the presence of Insulin, then blood glucose can be moved to areas where it’s needed and converted to energy, and optimal blood sugar level will be maintained.

Done overtime, with the right diet, one can completely reverse Type 2 Diabetes doing just regular exercises and eating specially selected foods as detailed in the Diabetes Guide here.

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Take Home Points

Exercise is a very important healthy habit that helps anyone to avoid diseases, remain healthy and fit.

A lot of persons see exercise as uncomfortable, while that is true, the reality is, the health benefits of exercise can not be over emphasized. There are just too many that you just can’t ignore it.

So whether you like exercising or not, try to “Buy Out” time from your busy schedule and create a 30 minutes exercise done at least 3 – 4 times every week.

According to the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, and others, to be healthy and fit, every adult need at least…

Option #1

150 minutes of moderate intensity/Aerobic activity like brisk walking PLUS, muscle strengthening exercises done at least 2 days in a week. [This should be done every week]


Option #2

75 Minutes of vigorous-intensity/Aerobic activity like jogging or running, PLUS muscle strengthening exercises done at least 2 days in a week. [This should be done every week]

The muscle strengthening activity will work all major muscle groups like your legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, arms and shoulders.

You may say that spending 150 minutes [2 hours, 30 minutes] per week, is a lot of time for exercising. But let’s think about it, 150 minutes is about the length of time for some single movies.

And most people would not hesitate to watch 2 – 3 movies per week, especially if it is a serial or Season films.

The goodnews is that, you can actually spread out this time over the week and take it 30 minutes at a time.

And if you’re fit and have the strength for high intensity exercise, this time can be just 75 minutes per week.

The question is…

Can you plan to spend at least 30 minutes of your time, 3 or 4 times in a week to exercise?

If you say yes to this, and actually have the discipline to do so, then you will surely enjoy the greatest health benefits like avoiding, maintaining, and treating some of the diseases currently plaguing humanity today.

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Is Eating Wheat Healthy?

wheat-breadMany people believe that Wheat is one of the healthiest foods for people who wish to lose weight and remain healthy.

In fact I happen to be one of those people. However, not very long
ago, about 2 years ago, I start to hear people say that Wheat is no longer a healthy option for people.

I was startled!

Because I was personally concerned, I went online to do some research and what I saw shocked me.

First, I saw very strong opinions of professionals and people with advanced degrees in the health field propose different reasons and studies that shows that eating Wheat is unhealthy.

Here Are Some of Those Studies…

1. Wheat is Full of Gluten

Gluten is a protein found in wheat but has a “Glue-Like” properties. It’s elastic in nature.

The problem is some people can not digest this substance and are said to be “Gluten Intolerant”.

Some studies have shown that Gluten can cause severe health problems to these type of people when Wheat is taken.

Health problems like intestinal wall damage, which allows partially digested foods to leak into the blood stream.

2. Wheat Elevates Blood Sugar Levels

Do you eat wheat bread as a healthy option or replacement for white bread?

It is a known fact that products made from whole grains are supposed to allow the slow absorption of eaten foods which makes the sugar level to rise slowly.

However, most whole grain foods have been pulverized or crushed into powder form, hence destroying the fiber property. As a result, rapid spikes in blood sugar levels is experienced.

This is the same for both white bread and the wheat bread, because they’re both made from pulverized grain flour.

Hence bread, whether white or wheat have a high glycemic index of 71 on the GI table.

And if you’re familiar with the Glycemic index table of food products, you should know that, eating foods that have a high GI are associated with health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, HBP, cancer etc.

3. Wheat Contain Properties That “Steal” Nutrients From The Body

A new study have discovered that Wheat contain a substance called “Phytic Acid”. This acid bind important minerals in the body like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium etc, preventing them from being absorbed for vital uses in the body.

One study shows that this very Phytic Acid in wheat could cause a rapid burning of Vitamin D store by 30% faster, which increases the risk of Vitamin D deficiency in the body.

4. Wheat Consumption Associated With Brain Disorders

Several studies have shown that the Gluten present in wheat is partially responsible for brain diseases like “Gluten ataxia”, “Cerebellar Ataxia”, “Schizophrenia”.

All of these are brain diseases. I’m not saying the Gluten is the major cause of these diseases, but a contributing factor in some people who have these diseases. Other brain diseases associated with Gluten is also autism, and epilepsy.

There are still other studies that show the harmful effects of eating wheat, but I will limit it to just the four mentioned above.

While I found these studies shocking, it would be a folly to disregard them simply because of bias or how I feel about the whole wheat consumption thing.

Another study I came across attributes the problems or health diseases associated with wheat consumption to the “Industrialization” of wheat.

It says that “Modern Wheat is more Toxic than ancient wheat.” In other words, the wheat we eat today is not the same type of wheat obtained in the past.

In terms of composition, industrialization has changed the natural form of this food into a substance that is toxic to the body. An example is the wheat bread.

You can read it up from here

Take Away Points

Initially, as far as 2 years back, I was of the opinion that wheat consumption is healthy.

But after finding out several studies proving otherwise, in the face of several conflicting views that wheat is a healthy food alternative, I decided to stay away from it completely.

And the reason is…

Could all these research findings by highly educated and certified scientists and doctors be wrong?

What if they’re right after all?

Whatever the truth is, when there is serious controversy over anything, it’s always a better option to stay away to avoid the dangers and instead focus on more healthy and natural foods around. That’s my opinion.

Your Turn…

What do you think in this situation, is eating wheat a safe option for you in view of all these hard truths?

I will love to hear/read your opinion.

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Bottled Water – How Safe Is It?

Many people will be surprised at the title of this article. Well, before we talk about the safety of the bottled water, I want to discuss the basics first. bottled-water

Water has been called the miracle liquid of life, because almost everything  around us depends on the presence of water.

The human body contains about 60% water in adult males, and 70% water in adult females. That being the case, it therefore goes to show that for every person to have a fully functional body, that person must as a matter of fact be fully hydrated.

Hydration, that is having enough water in your body allows for optimum levels of health and body function. And that includes, your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food, drinks, transport and digest everything going into the body. All of these requires sufficient water in the body.

For the body to remain hydrated, it must be supplied with water in different forms. And that can be achieved through the food we eat, our drinks, and the water we take.

One of the major ways that people hydrate their body is via drinking water. And many people get their water from different sources.

In the Urban areas, most people, in the name of looking for the best alternative to the purest forms of water, have settled for the bottled water.

Now the question is…

How Safe Is Your Bottled Water?

Apart from the fact that bottled waters are expensive, do you know that research has found that bottled water which is regarded as “safe drinking water”, is chock full of chemicals?

One study examined 18 different bottled waters from 13 different companies and found over 24,000 chemicals present. And some of these chemicals are “Endocrine Disruptors”.

Endocrine Disruptors are chemicals that can interfere with the hormones system in mammals which include humans. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and any other developmental disorders.

According to Martin Wagner, a German scientist and professor at the Frankfurt’s department of Aquatic Ecotoxicology, this is what he has to say about bottled water:

“Bottled water had a higher contamination of chemicals than glass bottles.¬† There are many compounds in bottled water that we don’t want to have there. Part is leaching from the plastic bottles, lids or contamination of the well.”

It’s also noteworthy to know that the packaging of bottled water is done using plastic bottles, and this is known to contain chemicals such as Bisphenol-A (BPA).

BPA is a very toxic chemical linked to several health problems like I mentioned earlier on. Diseases such as cancer, infertility, obesity and diabetes are end results of BPA which is one of the hormone disruptors.

Additionally, plastic water bottles contain a chemical known as “Phthaletes”. This chemical mimic the hormones in the human body. When exposed to heat or sunlight, it leaks this chemical into the water that is meant for consumption.

So many people feel that drinking bottled water is the safest or purest option of water sources.

Here’s the truth…

Bottled water is NOT as safe as people and industry leaders want you to believe.

If you want to get a better alternative to water purity, invest in an effective water filtration system or device. Ensure all your water is filtered before you drink it. You can filter and store in the fridge.

Alternatively, if you have the resources, you can also boil your drinking water, and allow it to cool before storing in the refrigerator.

The Water Therapy – Healing Power of Water!

Do you know that simply drinking enough water every day can help you avoid a lot of diseases?

For example, I was with a friend last month and he told me that he is currently having some pains at his lower abdomen. We both thought it was Appendicitis.

However, He went to the hospital, and he performed 3 different tests, urine, blood, and a kidney scan.

His kidney scan and blood test came out good and normal. However, his urine tests shows that he has some cysts, or tiny kidney stones.

The doctor told him that the pain he feels at the lower abdomen is as a result of little blockage in the kidney because of the presence of those cysts. If it were a major problem or if these cysts [kidney stones] were larger, the scan would have revealed it. And this would have required a major kidney operation.

And that the only treatment that he can use to dissolve those little cysts or kidney stones and stop those pains, is simply drinking 4 litres of water everyday for 2 weeks.

My friend started this Water therapy. First thing every morning, he takes a litre of water. In the afternoon, he takes 1 litre, and at night, he takes 1 litre, and between breakfast and lunch, he takes half litre. Between lunch and dinner, he takes another half litre of water.

Though it was not easy for him, he had to force himself to gulp a litre of water at a go each time, everyday for 2 weeks.

And guess what?

After 2 weeks, another urine test was taken, and those cysts have disappeared or dissolved gradually overtime. Above all that pain in his lower abdomen stopped.

That is the natural healing power of water in action. No drugs, just water to treat an illness that could have resulted in an expensive kidney operation.

Take Home Points From Lesson Above:

Drinking plenty of water is healthy, very important and doing so on a regular basis can save life.

Drink Plenty Water To Remain Healthy

It very important that you learn how to drink a lot of water regularly. If you weigh anywhere between 60 – 80kg, you can take make it a point to drink 3 litres of water everyday. If you’re 90kg – 110kg, 4 litres of water is better for you.

Some people have actually made it a habit to drink at least 1 litre of water every morning. This helps in detoxification and also help you remain hydrated for the first quarter of the day.

Just make a conscious efforts to drink plenty of water everyday, and you will see that your overall health will improve, your skin texture will improve, and you will hardly fall sick all the time, because you will naturally be on regular detox.

If you don’t drink enough water everyday, your chances of becoming dehydrated is always there. And when this happens, our bodies may become out of balance. Severe dehydration may lead to death in some circumstances.

So the next time you think about drinking water, see it as a liquid not just for satisfying your thirst for water alone, but also as a life sustaining substance that we must DELIBERATELY force into our system to keep our health at optimum performance levels.

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Is The “Zobo” Drink REALLY Healthy?

Do you know the Hibiscus flower? hibiscus-tea

Do you also know that the popular drink called “Zobo drink” is made from the Hibiscus flower?

And that is why this drink is also called the Hibiscus tea.

The word “Zobo” is culled from the name “Zoborodo”, which the northerners in Nigeria gave it.

And yes, the “Zobo” drink is a healthy and medicinal drink as well.

Research studies have shown that among the medicinal values that the “Zobo” drink offers is its ability to tackle high blood pressure.

Several studies have shown that drinking “Zobo” drink has almost the same effectiveness on hypertensive patients as the regular anti-hypertension drugs do.

Here Are Some of Such Research Studies…

Case Study #1

A group of Iranian scientists subjected 60 mildly hypertensive, but diabetic patients whose initial blood pressure readings were 134/80 to a twice daily in take of the Hibiscus tea over a 30 day period. And their blood pressure readings were taken on day 1, day 15, and finally on day 30, and it was discovered that on the 30th day, that their blood pressure readings went down to 112/70.

Though this study was conducted using two groups of people. One group was placed on Hibiscus tea, and the other group on black tea. It was discovered that those on black tea didn’t have as much positive effect on the BP level.

You can read the study yourself from here The Iranian Hibiscus Study on Hypertension.

Case Study #2

According to another authoritative health source, the WebMd, it says, drinking the Hibiscus tea (Zobo drink) 3 times daily helps to lower hypertension.

And for people who have been drinking this tea, it has lowered their systolic blood pressure by an average of 7 points.

A 7-point drop in blood pressure may not look like much, however, when sustained over time, research studies have shown that “even small changes in blood pressure when maintained over time… surely reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack”.

Case Study #3

Other research studies have also been conducted where the hibiscus tea is given to two groups of people. One group is on normal hypertensive drugs (Lisinopril, Zestril, Prinivil; 10 milligrams per day) and the other group on just 250 milligrams of hibiscus as a capsule.

At the end of the study, 4 weeks later, the hibiscus component has almost the same effects with high blood pressure medications. There was a 15 percent decrease in the group that took regular medications, while there was a 12 percent decrease in blood pressure reading among those taking hibiscus.

All of these research evidence is telling us that every hypertensive person can actually improve his/her condition by learning how to take the “Zobo” drink at least twice every day, and possibly replace this medications with this natural drink.

If you want to know whether this is effective, try doing that for a 30 days period, and I’m sure your blood pressure readings will be lowered, and since it has the same effects with the chemical drugs, there may be no need to continue taking the medication drugs every day.

However, caution should be exercised as every hypertensive patients as a matter of fact must have his blood pressure checked regularly. Having a home electronic blood pressure monitor may be the best to know whether to continue taking your hypertensive drugs or not after using the Hibiscus tea for a while.

Apart from helping to lower blood pressure, the “Zobo” drink also has other positive health effects.

Other Health Benefits of The “Zobo” Drink

  • It is very rich in vitamin C
  • Help in preventing bladder infections
  • Good source of anti-oxidants
  • Controls cholesterol build up
  • Treats people with athlete’s foot fungus

Times When Taking ‘Zobo’ Drink Can Be Dangerous To Health

In spite of the fact that Zobo drink is a healthy choice, there are some health dangers when taken by certain group of persons.

Please DO NOT drink the “Zobo” drink if you fall among these people.

  • If you’re pregnant or nursing a baby, as effects on child development is not yet studied.
  • If you’re currently on anti-inflammatory medication, or taken drugs containing Acetaminophen, such as Actifed, some cold & cough medicines like Codeine, and some pain relievers.
  • If you have low blood pressure, as the tea could lower your blood pressure further which could be bad for your health.
  • If you’re driving or operating a heavy machinery as the tea sometimes causes drowsiness.

Now, that you have known that the “Zobo” drink is healthy. The natural thing is to want to include it as part of the healthy drinks that you will be taken regularly or as a drink occasionally.

How can you prepare it if you do not trust the sanitary conditions of the ones sold in the market?

How To Prepare The “Zobo” Drink At Home

Ingredients Needed

  • 4 or 5 litres of water
  • 5 or 6 cups of dried hibiscus(zobo) leaves
  • 3 or 4 fingers of Ginger
  • 1 or 2 sachets of Pineapple flavor

You can get any of these natural Zobo flavour (sweeteners) from wherever you buy the “Zobo” leaves. These flavours are better than refined sugars.

Preparation Procedure

  • Step 1: Pick out all the unwanted substance from the Zobo leaves.
  • Step 2: Place 4 litres of water on the cooking stove.
  • Step 3: Wash the Zobo leaves briefly in water, and transfer immediately to the boiling water. Please DO NOT soak, as this will wash away the nutrients.
  • Step 4: Cook to boil, then add your pounded or sliced ginger into the mix.
  • Step 5: Add the sweetener or your favourite flavour as well.
  • Step 6: Allow to boil for another 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Step 7: Filter the content with a bottle and refrigerate

Time spent = 20 – 30 minutes. Served chilled.

Once you have it made and refrigerated, you can store in the fridge and take as many times as you wish.

Reasons Why Hibiscus Lowers Blood Pressure

Many have wondered why hibiscus or the “Zobo” drink lowers blood pressure successfully.

Well, according to research studies, it has been discovered that Hibiscus has a diuretic properties, that is ability to open arteries, and helps the body to slow the release of hormones that constricts blood vessels, this effect reduces the pressure exerted on the walls of blood vessels, by the action of the heart to pump blood to other parts of the body, which consequently leads to a lowering of blood pressure in hypertensive people.

Above all, the Hibiscus (Zobo) drink is a 100% natural plant with no additives, or chemicals that go through industrial process, so it is a safe alternative for health reasons.

For a hypertensive patient, it’s always a good idea to give it a try, and if possible lower the amount of medication drugs used daily.

However, to maintain your blood pressure for life, a decrease in your weight is a MUST.

The reason is because obesity or being overweight puts more pressure on the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body which ultimately causes hypertension over time.

If you want to maintain your blood pressure or say good bye to hypertension, there are few natural things you need to do.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Have enough rest (sleep for 7 – 8 hours daily)
  3. Eat healthy and natural
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Make taking the “Zobo” drink a regular thing

And if you want to start immediately, get a pack of Clean-9 to help you shed those unwanted ugly belly fat once and for all.

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Nature has provided us with all the medicine we need to be healthy. And it has done this through the provision of plants which some of our foods come from. In fact it is said that Food is Medicine. If we make the attempt to live a healthy life, then sicknesses like hypertension, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases will never affect us, and we can live long enough.

The “Zobo” drink apart from its nutritional and health values is one of the most refreshing drinks you can have in your refrigerator. Overtime, you will come to love this wonderful natural drink and your body will thank you for it.

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Your Liver – How Well Do You Know It?

If I ask you this question would you be able to answer?800px-Anatomy_Abdomen_Tiesworks

What exactly is the work your liver do in your body?

I will help you answer that question…


Your liver is responsible for blood cleansing. And that also means the work of taking out toxins from the body is part of this work. Research studies have found that the liver has about 500 jobs it can do.

Among them are…

  • The production of Bile (A liquid that helps in food digestion)
  • The conversion of food and drinks taken to energy, and nutrients
  • It helps in blood clotting (Control blood flow when injuries happen).

Your liver is a very important organ of the body measuring about the size of a football, but has a wedge shape and located on the right side of your body, just under your rib-cage.

How To Maintain A Healthy Liver

If you want to live long, it’s very important that you maintain a healthy liver. And that means, you will have to avoid the intake of anything that could cause harm to the liver.

One example of such drinks that could harm the liver is Alcohol. Yes, alcohol is bad for your liver. It can actually damage the cells of your liver when you take too much of it.

There are several type of alcohol related liver diseases such as; alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis, fatty liver diseases etc.

If you want to prevent any occurrence of liver disease, it’s always a good thing to learn how to drink less alcohol, if you can’t do without alcohol.

And for the heavy drinkers, it’s always better to quit drinking completely.

To maintain a healthy liver, you will need to get to a healthy weight with exercises and a balanced meal planning.

If you’re already overweight, you can use any of our weight products to work on your weight and get down to the size you want.

If you want a quick solution, the Clean-9 supplement will help you lose your first 5 – 7kg within the first 9 days, then you can go ahead to lose the rest with food planning and dieting.

Using a strategic food planning and exercise approach will take you longer, but it is more stable and the chances of gaining it back is heavily reduced. If you need a guide in that line, our weight loss guide Flat Belly Miracle will help you.

Get The Flat Belly Miracle Product Here

Should You Detoxify Your Liver?

To detoxify means to get rid of toxins from your body. This therapy is a life sustaining natural treatment to help us remain healthy and fit.

It is always necessary that we detoxify our liver and bodies periodically like every 3 to 6 months. Doing this will help us to lose weight, cleanse our system and blood of toxins, diseases and infections that comes from the effect of excessive toxin build up in the body. Yes you should detoxify your body regularly.

If you want to start, you can use Clean-9 supplement or the 4 Week Detox diet to begin. If you’re already overweight, and want the fast effect of detoxification and losing weight at the same time within 9 days or less, I will suggest you go for the 9-Day Clean-9 Pack.

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If you would rather prefer to lose weight gradually over a 30 day period, then go for the 4-week detox program.

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This will help you to cleanse your liver and help you to lose weight at the same time.

To Care For Your Liver, Watch The Type of Drugs You Put Into Your Mouth.

Some pain killers medicine contain a component called “Acetaminophen”. Drugs like cold and pain medicines contains this ingredients. If you take too much of it, it could cause liver damage.

When you have taken such medications for more than 2 weeks at a time, then there is a chance that it is becoming too much in your system.

And Finally, Learn How to Prevent Hepatitis.

Hepatitis is a serious liver disease. There are several of them; Hepatitis A, B and C.

You can get Hepatitis A from eating or drinking water that has the virus that causes the disease.

As for Hepatitis B and C are spread through blood and body fluids. If you want to cut the risks of this type of Hepatitis, DO NOT share household items like toothbrushes, needles, razors and clippers for cutting hair.

Because these items cuts through the gums, skin, and can get the disease from the fluid of someone who has the virus of the disease to the next user.

For now, Hepatitis A, and B, can be treated, and has vaccines, but Hepatitis C do not yet have a vaccine.

The best way to know if you have a healthy liver is to go for a blood test, because Liver disease or Hepatitis doesn’t sometimes have any symptoms, and when the liver is damaged, it could be fatal in some cases.

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