How To Stop “Excuses” From Making You Unhealthy!

no-excuses-300x225Excuses, we make them all the time, sometimes, these excuses are not even strong enough and are self-imposed excuses.

How many times have you promised yourself this: “I’m going to start eating healthy, exercise and lose weight!”

I’m sure you have told yourself that, on several occasions but yet, here you are still looking big, not in the shape you want.

For some people, they are still very sick because of not living up to their goals of living a healthy life.

The reality is, making excuses comes handy, and it’s easier than taking the time to form a good habit that will benefit us health-wise.

The secret to dispel excuses and make progress in achieving our goals all come from our state of mind. Yes achieving your goal of a healthy life is possible if you take complete control of your life.

You Need To Be In Charge Of Your Life!

Being in charge of your life means being the boss of your own life. You will deliberately force yourself to do what will turn your life around. You will cease allowing “how you feel” or your feelings control you.

Your doctor has told you that you need to lose weight so that your blood pressure can go down, your aching back pains will stop, and you know he is right.

Your loved ones, colleagues have made comments about your size, your spouse has pleaded with you to lose weight, and as you sympathetically listen to these (nagging suggestions), you know they want what’s best for you.

And from time to time, you read in the news, and hear from TV broadcasts about health warnings talking about increasing rates of death from those living unhealthy lifestyles. You’re awed and you make a decision to do something about your state of health.

But for some reasons, moments after those news have died down, you are unable to do anything about it.

If you are in this situation, you’re not alone!

The reality is…

Your doctor can tell you all the advice you need to get healthy, your loved ones and people who care about you can give you all the nudge and tips to live healthy, until you have TRULY make up your mind to live a healthy life, nothing happens in your life.

So when it comes down to it, it is really “WHAT” motivates you to make the effort to live a healthy life that would really move you to action to start planning your meals and start life-saving exercises, even when “obviously” there is no time for it.

So the question is…

What REALLY motivates you to live healthy? In other words, what is your REASON WHY?

You Must Have a “Reason Why”

Everyone has their own story. What is your story? What is the reason why you want to lose weight and live healthy?

  • Is it to lose weight, improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Is it to feel attractive to your spouse?
  • Is it to look and feel confident of yourself before your peers?
  • Is it to prevent or treat illness?
  • Is it to just live a long and healthy life?

You must have a reason why you need to lose weight, and this reason must be strong enough before you can take the necessary steps to lose weight and live healthy.

Because no matter what you read or hear in the news, or even the advice of your doctors, or loved ones on the unhealthy state of your life, only a good “Reason Why” you should do it will motivate you to move forward and make it a reality.

So you need to make effort to find out what your reasons are.

Sadly though, even when we have identified the reason why, and we start on a journey to lose weight, sometimes we give up even before we start seeing results.

Why is that so?

It is because we always have “a long list of excuses” which we allow to dominate our lives and take control. But your state of health, for better or for worse, is your personal responsibility.

And because of this, our need to be healthy should be stronger than whatever “excuses” we might have because at the end of the day, our lives depends on the choices we make today.

Reasons To Expel “Excuses” From Your Life!

Here are the reasons why you should learn to Eat right and Exercise regularly.

  • You’ll feel proud of yourself for making healthy choices.
  • You want to look as fabulous on the outside as you are on the inside.
  • You want to reduce your joint and back pain, (and even that “nagging” pain).
  • Your heart will thank you as your breathing becomes fresher and easier
  • Your body will feel lighter, better as more calories are burnt.
  • Because sitting in one place all day is very unhealthy.
  • Your sex life will improve as you feel and look younger
  • Your risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure will plummet.
  • You’ll keep more money in your pocket (by spending less on doctor visits and prescription drugs).
  • Your muscles and immune system will be stronger to battle diseases
  • Because time spent on your health yields greater rewards than those spent in front of your TV. or computer.
  • Because when you look down you want to see your shoes, and not your belly.
  • Because you’re tired of feeling hopeless and depressed.
  • Because you are capable of setting and achieving your goals.
  • Because being healthy feels awesome, and you can… and you are definitely worth it!

As you can see, the rewards you get from getting up, taking action to actually exercise, eat nutritious foods that will help you to live a healthy life far outweigh any excuses you might have that is preventing you from living a healthy life.

Even with a long list of excuses for taking the easy-way-out when it comes to diet and exercise, when it comes down to it, you know that taking care of yourself is a choice you won’t regret.

So take your time, think of how best to battle the present obstacles or “Excuses” that is preventing you from owning your life, and create a daily ritual of regular food planning and exercise, and trust me, once you’re able to do this the first 30 days successfully, exercise and taking caution in eating nutritious meals will become second nature to you.

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The 7 Key Factors To Control High Blood Pressure

blood-pressureHigh Blood Pressure, those 3 words scare me each time I hear them.

Do you know why?

It is because I’m a victim of this disease. High Blood Pressure took my two parents away from me.

My father died of a Cardiac arrest while working in the field because he had a long history of high blood pressure, almost 10 years later my mother followed suit dying of Cardiac failure resulting from the same illness. Both parents died before the age of 60.

Yes, I have a history of HBP in my family, and most doctors will tell you that this is one of the reasons why children are susceptible to the same illness, because their parents have it.

Presently, I’m not Hypertensive yet at 37, and I do not pray to be because I’m doing my best to live a healthy life because of the tough life lessons I have learnt first hand from the bad effects of obesity in my family.

My blood pressure readings is always around 112/59 or sometimes, 115/68 and at other times 118/78 thereabout.

I’m working hard so that I control my blood pressure at all times. Yes,  High Blood Pressure is called the Silent Killer for a good reason, it snatches the lives of its victims when they least expect it.

It can kill you even before you know you have it. And for those who know they have it, if they are careless it can kill the person.

There’s Goodnews

The goodnews is that High Blood Pressure can be reversed and better still you can live your life without taking drugs even if you’re hypertensive once you have learned the secrets to naturally control it.

There are 7 Factors or Levers that controls how bad or good your blood pressure can become. Controlling just one of these 7 factors can reverse years of damage in your body.

Those 7 HBP Factors Are:

  1. The Amount of Blood in your body
  2. Your Blood Thickness
  3. Blood Vessel Damage
  4. Your Heart Strength
  5. Your Body Weight
  6. Your Heart Beat Rate
  7. Your Blood Vessel/Artery Flexibility

And if you want to effectively control your Blood Pressure, whether you’re Hypertensive or not, here are the 6 things to do to help you.

The 6 Pillars Of Effective Blood Pressure Control

  1. Adjust Your Diet To Nutritious Meals Only
  2. Introduce Smart Supplements
  3. Reduce or Burn Your Excess Body Fat
  4. Exercise Regularly
  5. Reduce Your Stress Levels
  6. Eliminate Toxins through Detoxification. If you want to detoxify, The 4-Week Detox Diet can help you.

I just found an Infographic online which clearly explains what I’m trying to say in this article.

Check out the image below to see it. If you want to ENLARGE the image so that you can see it clearly, here’s what to do.

Step ONE: Click on the image below, it will open in a new page.

Step TWO: Click again on the image in the new page, it will enlarge itself and you can find 5 minutes to study the image.


I do hope you found this article useful and will use it to benefit yourself and others.

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Nutrition Skills For Successful Weight Loss!

In the previous articles I have written on how to model our ancestor’s lifestyle to lose weight, I have revealed the popular myths surrounding weight loss, given you the working principles that govern effective weight loss doing it the “old” way of eating.

In today’s series, you’ll be learning the nuts and bolts of it and how applying this principles will help you to achieve your goal of losing weight.

Remember food quality, quantity and timing all play a role in sending the right signals to activate the proper metabolism that will trigger fat burning in the body.

In view of that, I’ve prepared a 4 week weight loss contest using the principles of this “old” way of eating and lifestyle.

One Week At A Time

We’re going to be using a weekly plan which has an accountability program built in. At the end of every week, you’ll measure your results and make needed adjustments.

Using a weekly progress chart help us to measure the effectiveness of the program. Consistency and perseverance would be our watch word during this period of contest.

During the contest we will be using the following natural high quality food contents. Protein foods, All carbohydrate foods will come from vegetables, and fruits, not processed grains, sugars or processed foods.

Fats will come from healthy alternatives like olive oil or coconut oil or even healthy nuts like Avocado.

Understand The Role Of Insulin To Weight Loss

Insulin is one component we want to keep in mind when we are going through this program. We want to ALWAYS understand that “When Insulin is high, fat will rise, when insulin is low, fat will go”

Since Insulin is responsible for storing fat in the body when foods high in sugar enters the blood stream, we want to focus our attention on how we put such foods into our body and control it so that lesser Insulin is found in the body.

That would also mean keeping our daily allocation of carbohydrate foods relatively low during this period.

Intermitent Fasting

Another element we will be employing is the use of Intermittent fasting to turbo charge our weight loss efforts. Research studies have shown that short fasts of 16 – 18 hours done at least once every week can be very powerful in activating and increasing our metabolism to burn fat rapidly.

It’s not hard to do, especially since most of the fasting period will be while we are asleep, it becomes a mental exercise.

16 – 18 hours fasting can be done from 8pm of your dinner and you eat by 12 noon or 2pm of the next day. It’s easy to get used to once you have started.

Reward Eating Every Week

At the end of every week, we will need to reset our metabolism by eating a higher amount of carbohydrate one day in the week.

We want to remember that during the entire period of the week, we will be very low on carbohydrate foods, and this is to allow the insulin level in the body to be very low.

But keeping insulin level too low for a very long time could trigger the body into a starvation mode, instead of burning fat, it will hold on to the fat in hope of using it at another time, thus lowering our metabolism rate.

To combat this, we introduce what we call a Cheat day to prevent this from happening so that the body’s fat burning will continue every day of the week.

So these are what we need to have in mind before we start the 4 week weight loss contest.

Here’s where our foods will come from: Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Eggs.

You’ll be augmenting your foods with Oils, Seasoning and Spices, and Liquids.

The food lists is actually very large and I have included a very comprehensive food lists in the contest program. The only excluded list are heavily processed and modified foods which makes insulin control impossible.

How Much Food Should I Eat?

The amount of food we eat every day is the most important factor in our weight loss journey, because this is the major determinant of weight loss or weight gain.

In the contest, I will tell you exactly how much food you need to eat every day, for a week, and for the entire 4 weeks.

The goal is to get everyone on the contest to lose 5kg – 8kg at the end of the 4 week period and if you’re satisfied with the result, you can repeat it on your own to lose more till you get to your desired weight.

However, to successfully participate in this contest, there are nutrition skills you need to be familiar with, without them, you may not succeed in this journey.

So here they are:

1. Learn To Recognize When You Feel Hungry

Many times in a day, we feel like eating something. Sometimes, it could just be that we’re eating simply because we like the food, or a friend just served us a meal or we’re eating out of emotions.

It’s important we learn to listen to our body and know we truly feel hungry.

If we feel hungry and we’re in doubt whether we are truly hungry, one way to determine it is by taking a glass of water and waiting for 15 minutes. If you still feel like eating thereafter, you can now eat.

Don’t just eat because you feel like eating because at the end of the day, your losing weight will be determined by the total calories you consumed in a whole day.

And if you’re not creating a calorie deficit, at the end of the day, you’ll not lose weight.

2. Learn To Recognize When You’re Full

Every human has an in-built food regulator. The thing is, each time we eat, there’s a feeling that we experience when we had enough. The problem is many people ignore this feeling and continue eating.

If you must lose weight, you must as a matter of fact, LEARN TO LISTEN to your body. When you do, at the moment you feel full, just stop eating.

If you learn to stop when you’re full, you’ll avoid over eating. Take note that over eating does not happen only when we start feeling uncomfortable because of too much food. When we ignore the initial feeling of ”fullness”, and continue eating, we are already over eating.

3. Recognise When You’re Thirsty

Sometime we we feel hungry, our body may actually need water. In other words, we need to be fully hydrated all day long.

If you’re not hydrated, you’ll suffer from dehydration and some of the symptoms are:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Low energy
  • Dry skin and lips
  • Constipation
  • Sunken eyes

You should be able to consume at least 3 litres of water every day to be hydrated and avoid the above symptoms.

In the contest, you’ll be getting an accountability exercise book, a food journal and I will be showing you how to make records of your Weekly eating schedule, you’ll know what Glycogen loading day is within the week.

I will also give you a list of natural foods that will help you “mimic” our hunter gatherer ancestors.

In it I will give answers to such vital information as:

  • How much Protein you should eat per meal
  • How much Carbohydrate per meal
  • How much Fat per meal
  • How much water should I be drinking?
  • When should I eat my meals?
  • How to do a basic meal planning

I’m starting a weight loss contest again which starts exactly 3 days from today.

It’s an online contest. Meaning I will be sending you day by day what to do and as we do it, you’ll be tracking your results till the end of 4 weeks.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and wish to lose a minimum of 5kg to 8kg within this time period, you may join us in this contest.

Actually, I have done this contest before and the same materials that I used to help some of my readers to lose as much as 4kg – 6kg will be made available to you as well.

The registration for this contest starts as soon as you receive my email announcing it.

And the registration fee is only N5,000.

The link to register from and participate in this contest will be available from the next email which mentions the contest.

If you or anyone you know is interested, you may prepare yourself to join while this contest is open because the window for participation and registration will be open again for about 6 days.

Once that period comes and go, that’s it.

It’s not a book, an ebook, or an online membership you can join anytime.

This is a timed program. It will come and go and nothing like an extension.

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7 Fat Loss Keys To Keep Off The Fat Forever!

picresized_th_1407593935_AboutIn my last article to you, I was able to help you understand the main reason why we grow fat and why following the examples of our hunter gatherer ancestors is the best way to finally lose weight and keep it off.

In today’s article, I will be discussing with you some of the signals you need to send to your body to trigger consistent and permanent weight loss.

However, before we do that, I want you to understand a basic fact of life when it comes to the behaviours of our body.

“Our bodies know exactly how to naturally heal itself and how to burn excess fat when given the right situation and signal”

In other words, as complex as the body is, it is surprisingly predictable. Given a set of signals, our body reacts predictable every single time.

For example, I know that if I take an energy drink, I will experience a rapid rise of sugar in my blood stream, and a temporary rush of energy which lasts for a short time.

I also know that almost immediately, my body recognizes this as a threat to my health too, (too much sugar in the bloodstream can be dangerous) and it will signal my pancreas to release a flood of insulin to drain away the excess blood sugar, which are now stored in the fat cells as accumulated fat.

Draining away or mopping up the excess blood sugar regularizes the blood sugar level so that normal metabolic processes resumes.

This is just one of the predictable responses that our body makes based on the signals we give to it.

Now there are other signals that we give to our bodies everyday to elicit different responses from it. And some of these responses can be signals we make every single day in the form of food choices, our activity levels, the rest we take or even the level of our thoughts processes.

Each of these activities elicit a level of predictable responses from the body.

Based on the issue at hand, which is how to control our body when it comes to fat loss, the hormones that you need to know about are:

1. Insulin: This is the primary hormone responsible for mopping away sugar from the bloodstream and transferring or storing them in the fat cells as fat. It’s also called the fat storage hormone.

2. Cortisol: This is known as the stress hormone, and this hormone can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts if you do not properly manage it.

3. Growth Hormone: This is the hormone which helps to preserve the lean muscle tissues so that rapid fat burning is activated when the right signal is sent to the body.

A good understanding of the roles that each of the above hormones play in our body will help us to know how to manage them, and use these hormones to send the right signals to our body so that we can elicit any predictable response we want.

And in this case, our ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy life, and burn excess body fat.

Now that this is out of the way, let’s now explore the 7 fat loss keys or principles that you need to ingrain in your mind to help you live a life of full health while burning any excess fat in the process.

Here are the essential fat loss keys.

Key #1: Keep Your Insulin Levels Low And Constant

I know we all know about the role Insulin plays in our body. If we want to maintain a healthy state of body or lose fat on a continuous basis, we must learn how to keep the insulin levels in our body low.

In my last article, I made a very vital statement, and I said: “There’s a difference with eating the same calories of bread and that of fish. While eating less calories of bread may not cause any weight loss because of the presence of insulin inducing ingredients, that of fish will certainly lead to weight loss, even if the calories are exactly the same.”

The reason is calories are NOT created equal and the above statement is powerful because, that is one of the principles of effective weight loss.

It also means that if you eat less amount of food that is loaded with insulin responsive ingredients in the hope of losing weight, you will not succeed because, insulin will rise to the occasion, and instead of using your stored fat (which will result in weight loss), the body will make use of that food as energy and your fat burn will be zero.

Alternatively, if it’s a less amount of food in the same calorie with non-insulin responsive ingredient, the body will use the energy produced by that food in addition to your ALREADY stored fat, and weight loss is achieved.

And the secret to achieve this is by maintaining a body that has a constant low insulin levels.

The reason why insulin rises all the time in the body is because the body is bombarded with “foods” that are not found in nature.

What are some of these foods not found in nature? They are processed “carbohydrates”

Here are some examples.

  • All Pasta foods
  • All Flour foods
  • All Processed drinks
  • All Processed grains
  • All sugar made foods

These foods have been processed using industrial methods that dramatically reduces the original nutritional value of the components, and they end up creating foods that quickly turns to sugar in your blood stream.

So if you want to keep your insulin level low and lose fat each time you put any piece of food in your mouth, you must EXCLUDE the above foods.

Key #2: Consume Protein Foods To Protect Your Lean Muscles

The muscles is very important and form the strongest organ responsible for burning fat in the body.

If you have weak muscles, weight loss or burning fat becomes extremely difficult.

Think of it, every part of your body has a muscle attached to it, even your heart has some muscles (the cardiac muscle), and so does every part of your body.

The muscles allows movements of body parts and mobility on a continuous basis.

To achieve effective weight loss, these muscles must be fed and protected as well.

To give the muscle the needed protection in other for it to achieve its optimal capacity of fat burning, you need to eat enough protein foods to strengthen and protect the muscles. The reason is, the muscles is made up of protein cells.

When you feed on good amount of protein based foods, you nourish the muscles, you grow it, and it gets toned and this reflects when you exercise to achieve rapid weight loss.

Key #3: Use High Intensity Exercises

Think about our hunter gatherer ancestors, they never engaged in exercises or physical activities that takes them longer than 2 hours or more.

Instead, their physical activities were limited to hunting and when running away from danger of animal predators.

At other times, they spend their energy on physical activities like farming and lifting heavy logs of wood and bricks when building their houses.

All of these form high intensity exercises.

In our time, we can mimic this activity as high intensity exercises done occasionally few times in a week.

This reduces the amount of time spent at the gym, and also dramatically increases the long lasting fat burning effects of high intensity exercises.

The good thing about this exercises, is that you can do it in the comfort of your own house, and with your body weight and the effect lasts as long as 48 hours. Above all it helps your body become a fat burning engine.

Key #4: Consume ONLY High Quality Natural Foods

What are high quality foods? These are natural foods. Any food that is cultivated from the ground whether cooked or uncooked that doesn’t undergo any type of “processing” is called a natural food.

Others are meats from nature. They can be flying creatures, land animals, or sea animals.

All of these were what form the food chain of our hunter gatherer ancestors.

In the forth coming 30 days weight loss contest, I’m going to show you how to select a combination of the best quality foods that will help you to get a high amount of energy and “fullness” from the food you eat, and that will simultaneously help you avoid the toxins and chemicals that are present in the “processed” foods.

I’ll show you how to keep a food journal, exercise, rest and recovery.

Key #5: Maintain A Weekly 16-18 Hours Intermittent Fasts

If you’ve never fasted before or experienced its benefits, this time around you need to learn how to do that at least once every week.

It’s been scientifically proven that short intermittent fasts of less than 24 hours are a powerful weapon to destroy stubborn fat.

It has been discovered that no slow down in metabolism occurs if you fast less than 24 hours, instead there’s a rapid speeding up of the metabolism and fat burning process.

So to be able to maintain a weekly fast in a day of the week, we can do this for 16 – 18 hours.

Now, do not panic yet, nobody is saying you will fast for 16 hours during your waking period. To achieve this type of fasting without feeling you fasted at all this is how to do it.

Let your last meal of the day be by 8pm latest. Two hours later (10pm), you can go to bed and sleep.

Let your first meal be taken by 12 noon or 2pm of the next day. That way you will not feel you fasted at all. (That’s 16 – 18 hours fasting).

Many people will not even feel they fasted or missed food at all when they fast this way, for example, I personally don’t feel it when I do.

If you can do this, at least once every week, there is a rapid fat loss during this period of short intermittent fasting.

Key #6: Plan For Enough Rest And Recovery

Many people do not talk about the role resting or sleeping enough has on weight loss, but trust me, this is as important as the other key facts I have just revealed to you.

For every healthy human, a resting period of 8 – 10 hours of sleep is good. If you are doing less hours of sleeping, you’re doing your body no good because you’ll be sabotaging your weight loss efforts, even if you sleep for 6 hours every day.

Remember the other hormone I talked about the other time, the Stress hormone Cortisol.

Each time you undergo stress at your work place or you do not sleep enough, your body releases this stress hormone which completely sabotage your efforts to burn fat.

The reason is, a stressed person will never have the motivation to do any activity that will help him to lose weight, be it eating healthy or working out.

When you rest enough, you undergo a recovery process that helps you to de-stress yourself.

So you need to rest and sleep enough as well so that you will reduce the stress level in your life and successfully lose weight.

Key #7: Prevent Dehydration, Drink Enough Water Daily!

Many people suffer from dehydration without knowing they’re dehydrated. And the solution to dehydration is simply taking enough quantity of water. Water on its own is a very powerful natural medication.

The human body is made up of at least 70% water, and by increasing the amount of water you take daily, hunger pangs will naturally disappear, toxins will be flushed away, and even symptoms like headaches will disappear.

Do you know that by taking at least 1 litre of cold water very early in the morning before anything can actually help your body to burn fat and detoxify your system?

If you can do this EVERY day, then you’ll never suffer from dehydration, and above all, with the proper amount of water in your body, critical hormonal functions works better and fat burning becomes very easy.

With the absence of good water intake, the body is compromised.

Applying all the above will help you to take your health to the next level and get the shape or weight you dream of.

Also know that nutrition alone plays a vital part in all of this. In fact, 80% success you have in losing weight is on your nutrition.

I know you may know this already, but it’s always good to hear it again so that it will continue to make impression in your mind.

In my next newsletter which is a follow up to this, I’m going to show you how all of this ties together and how to create a program that will include all of this signals so that you can achieve your desired result.

I will also be discussing the 3 MOST IMPORTANT nutritional skills you need to have to be successful. Along with it, I will answer such questions as

  • 1. How much food should I eat?
  • 2. How much protein per meal?
  • 3. How much fat per meal
  • 4. How much carbohydrate per meal?
  • 5. And how much water should I be drinking per day?

Watch out for it, it will be one of the most revealing newsletters you’ll ever read from me.

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Why We Grow Fat! PART 1

weight-scaleHave you ever wondered why we grow fat?

In today’s article and in the coming days and weeks, I will be opening a series of newsletters that informs you why our ancestors or people who lived before our time never had obesity problems.

A look at their history shows that such diseases as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer and being extremely fat never existed.


Because all the factors present today that makes all of the above absent, never existed.

Let’s briefly look at some of those factors.

During the hunter gatherer time, here is what the lifestyle of our ancestors looks like.

  • Food: Their main supply of food consist of meats, fruits, nuts, and vegetables alone.
  • Activity Level: They hunt for foods, and this requires quick spurts of exercise in pursuit of grass-cutters, bush-meats, antelopes etc. In addition, they do lots of farm work which is an intensive exercise on its own. And this happens their entire lifetime.
  • Rest Time: As soon as it’s sundown, they go to bed few hours later, so they sleep for 8 – 10 hours everyday before dawn of the next day.

A look at this trend or lifestyle produces people who are healthy, well sculptured, beautiful and free from majority of the diseases that plagues mankind today.

In the coming series of this newsletter, I will be covering how every person can follow a similar pattern of lifestyle in modern time and still achieve the same body structure that our hunter gatherer ancestors had and be free from obesity and associated diseases.

But first, I want us to understand why we grow fat in the first place, clear the misinformation about the myths preached about losing weight and gaining fat.

Why We Are Fat

In biological terms fat occurs when the body determines that it is time to store energy for use in the future. In fact fat is stored energy deposited in our fat cells.

In other words, fat storage is a perfectly normal and healthy condition up to a certain point.

However, this process can get out of hand or off balance to produce the extra unwanted pound of fat that we have as obese, or overweight persons.

And all of these is contributed through poor food choices, emotional eating, lack of adequate sleep, lack of exercise, dehydration etc, and all of these signals the body to store more fat than is necessary for the human body.

To make matters worse, some health industries and media (which I will reveal later) have been responsible in “spoon feeding” the masses with wrong information about losing weight and nutrition.

To be able to successfully lose weight, you must get rid of some of the lies about weight loss and nutrition.

EXPOSED – 6 Fat Lies About Weight Loss

Fat Lie #1
If You Want To Lose Weight, Eat Low Fat Diet

Food that contains fat doesn’t make people grow fat. Neither does eating low fat food induce weight loss. There is no available scientific fact or study that proves that eating fatty foods causes weight gain.

The truth is, there are bad fats and good fats, while the bad ones can be very unhealthy, they do not cause any type of weight gain. As for the good fats, it’s a necessity for the optimal function of a healthy body.

Fat Lie #2
If You Want To Lose Weight, Eat Fewer Calories Than You Burn

The reality is, weight loss is a combination of many factors and operating at a caloric deficit is one of the several factors to weight loss, not the only factor.

The reason is, calories are not created equal. There’s a difference with eating the same calories of bread and that of fish. While eating less calories of bread may not cause any weight loss because of the presence of insulin inducing ingredients, that of fish will certainly lead to weight loss, even if the calories are exactly the same.

So the old thinking of “weight loss is predictable when you eat less food” does not hold true, because you can actually eat less quantities of food and the weight refuses to come down.

I’m sure we have seen many obese or overweight people who do not eat much, yet they are still struggling with how to lose the weight they have gained over the years.

So it is more complicated than that. The real reason lies in the body’s ability to adjust to its metabolism when certain hormones and conditions is introduced into the body. I will talk more about this as this series unfolds.

Fat Lie #3
If You Want To Lose Weight, Do Slow Cardio Exercises

Do you know what slow cardio exercises are? These are exercises that stimulate your cardiovascular system and allows your heart to pump blood at an accelerated rate over a long period of time. Additionally these exercises forces you to spend as much as 1 – 2 hours or more in the gym and outside your home.

Examples of some of them are running, jogging, running on the treadmill biking, brisk walking, skipping etc.

While these exercises are healthy on their own in preserving the body’s healthy state, they are not effective in helping an obese person to lose weight. And more importantly, because these exercises takes too much time, it leaves you exhausted, de-motivated and do not stimulate muscle growth which is the engine that enhances rapid fat burning.

Fat Lie #4
If You Want To Lose Belly Fat, Focus On Abdominal Exercises

Here’s the truth, you can not spot reduce a particular region of fat on your body by doing only one type of exercises. I have come across a lot of people who want to lose belly fat and they do “Sit-Up Exercises” to spot reduce the fat on their belly.

This doesn’t work! In fact this is a very misinformed way of trying to lose the fat on your belly. The fact is, abdominal exercises do not work for belly fat.

Fat Lie #5
The More Exercise You Do, The More Fat You Lose

There are people who are so desperate to lose weight that they train so hard and for so long to get the weight off. Most of these people have expensive gym memberships.

The downside to this practice is, it is NOT A NATURAL process of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the will to keep exercising everyday easily dies due to chronic exhaustion and burn out. And when this happens, any assumed weight loss will come rushing back, and you’ll gain more fat than you had before the practice.

In reality, too much exercise can actually be harmful to health. You really do not need to spend 1 – 2 hours in the gym in the name of exercises and losing weight 5 days a week , what you really need is short high intensity exercises of 15 – 20 minutes done three times a week to trigger a healthy fat burning response, and you do not need the gym to do this.

Fat Lie #6
You Need Fat Burning Supplements or Pills To Burn Your Fat

Nothing could be further from the truth. Do you know that all the essential ingredients or supplements the body need is complete in all the healthy foods we eat?

If you eat enough quantities of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fishes, you get all the micro-nutrients needed for the body to function optimally.

However, sometimes because of the time we live in, getting all these supplements may not be easy, so we go for supplements.

But know this…

No supplement on its own has the power to “burn fat” and make you lose the unwanted fat. Instead when you make proper food and exercise choices, along with the right supplements gained from foods or supplied from “food supplements”, you can have incredible metabolic control and drop the weight fast.

All the lies above has been fed to the general public by greedy merchants and industries to fuel the desire for continous patronage from “uninformed generation of people”.

Here are the industries responsible for these lies

1. The Fitness Industry
What do you think would happen when people learn the truth that they do not need Gym memberships to lose weight successfully?

2. The Supplement Industry
Do you know the MLM companies? The promise of a “Magic weight loss pill” has been responsible for fueling billions of dollars spent on false promises of weight loss. Some of these supplements do work, but a lot of them make empty promises and play to the emotions of desperate obese and overweight people for a fast solution to weight loss.

3. Pharmaceutical Companies
There are millions of weight loss drugs sold over the counter in many pharmacies. These drugs has been responsible for generating many billion in dollars per year. What do you think would happen if they do not have a steady supply of fat people to sell to?

4. Health Care
There are unhealthy surgical procedures that are available as the solution for weight loss. Have you heard about the “Gastric bypass surgery”? These are surgeries carried out on obese people to cut out the excess body fat in the body. These surgeries leaves behind a barrage of illnesses as side effects.

These surgical procedures are so expensive and is responsible for billions of dollars in revenue to the health industry, and the hospitals, clinics, and health care centres are direct beneficiaries of this massive profit centres.

5. The “Processed” Food Industry
The food industry is now driven by greed for larger profits, as a result what is produced is decided by the profit margin for that product, not what is healthy. It’s a big business owned by large corporations.

There is now mass production of very unhealthy foods like pasta, oils for cooking, canned foods and drinks etc.

All of these including the media have continue to promote the lies about living healthy and weight loss for marginal profits.

The purpose of this newsletter is to get you informed enough of the truth, so that you can save yourself and your family from the harmful effects of all these lies and live a better, healthier and natural life.

At the end of this series, I will be revealing to you how you can eat well, and lose weight at the same time mimicking the eating pattern of our hunter gatherer ancestors.

You’ll enter a 30 day contest to test how effective this method works. It’s a powerful system and will work for you as long as you are a human.

In the next newsletter, I will be revealing to you how to effectively use 7 fat loss secrets that our hunter gatherer ancestors uses everyday to prevent weight gain and remain slim and healthy all their lives.

Understanding these 7 key principles will change your life forever and keep your fat off for life. Watch out for it!

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