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Shocking Truth About Egg Whites & Whole Eggs!

In the middle of January 2012, I wrote an article on this blog about some of the top fat-burning foods of which eating whole Eggs with the yolk was one of the them.

In response to that article, I got a swarm of responses from my blog readers via emails that in contrast to what they know, eating egg Yolk helps them to add weight, and that egg white is the only desirable part of the egg that is safe for someone watching his weight.

To further corroborate my claim that eating whole eggs plus the yolk is very healthy, I went online to make a detailed research on this topic and also gather more information from few of the world's top certified nutrition specialists on this controversial topic.

In fact many people all over the world are so confused about this concept of nutrition. People mistakenly think that because egg yolk contains Cholesterol it is the worst part of the egg hence they discard that part of the egg. Whereas my research shows that the Egg Yolk is the HEALTHIEST PART OF THE EGG!

When you throw away the egg yolk, you are throwing away the most nutrient dense and anti-oxidant rich, mineral and vitamin loaded portion of the egg. The Yolk contains so many trace minerals, vitamin A, folate and other highly essential nutrients that it's so much to list them all here.

The truth is, the egg whites you eat almost lack the nutritional components you need for a healthy body as it contains less than 9% of all the supplements you need, whereas the egg yolk has over 90% in rich nutrients which include calcium, iron, vitamin B6, B12, panthogenic acid, phosphorous,zinc, thiamine, folate plus all the fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A,D,E and K including ALL the essential fatty acids needed in the body for proper nutritional balance.

But the main objection I get from my readers each time I say that Egg yolk is the healthiest part of the egg is this:

But my dietitian said that egg yolks contain cholesterol and will increase my cholesterol level

This is not TRUE!

Here is the reason. When you eat food substances that have a high amount of dietary cholesterol like eggs, your body regulates and balances the production of cholesterol in your system.

Alternatively, when you don't eat foods that contains cholesterol, your body produces more cholesterol to fulfill vital functions in the body.

Interestingly, recently, there has been a lot of research work which shows that eating whole eggs actually increases the GOOD HDL Cholesterol than the LDL cholesterol, hence improving the body's blood chemistry and overall cholesterol ratio.

Thirdly, having a high cholesterol in the body is NOT a disease! Having a heart disease is a disease. Cholesterol is a very important substance in the body and accomplishes a lot of vital functions.

It is however VERY WRONG to try to lower your cholesterol just because some MLM or pharmaceutical companies and other poorly informed persons are spreading the lies that everyone should have less cholesterol in the body by taking some food supplements.

If you are interested in the topic of Cholesterol, just go online and do a search using the keyword "It's Cholesterol Good For You" and you will see that everything said about Egg yolk and Cholesterol is a big lie.

One of the benefits that eating egg yolk gives is helping the body in protection against inflammation within body tissues which is what causes heart disease when enough cholesterol is not sufficient in the body. A major reason why you should eat whole eggs regularly.

To further prove that eating whole eggs is better than egg whites, I recently studied an online research work from the University of Connecticut in U.S which shows an experiment performed with two groups of men who were subjected to eat 3 whole eggs per day with low carbohydrate foods for 12 weeks straight, and the second group of men where asked to eat only egg whites with low carbohydrate foods.

Results of the experiment shows that the group of men that ate whole eggs plus the yolk were able to increase their HDL good cholesterol levels by 20% while their LDL bad cholesterol stayed the same.

Whereas, the other group of men that ate only egg whites, there was no significant increase in good HDL cholesterol (remember that a higher HDL Cholesterol level are associated with reduced risk of heart disease and attack) which the first group of men who ate the whole eggs have as a result.

I want to believe I have successfully established the fact that eating whole eggs is healthier than just eating only egg whites which many practice today.

One more thing about egg supply.

It's been discovered that the best type of egg source comes from local chickens that feed on a variety of vegetables, insects, worms as this transfers a higher level of nutrients to the eggs when compared to the eggs from poultry fed chickens that are fed only wheat and soyabeans.

On a personal note, I eat 3 whole eggs everyday with my breakfast and I feel healthy and full of strength.

Enjoy your egg whole and get a leaner body.

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