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Shocking Facts On Belly Fat!

In  One of the most repeating questions I get from my emails, phone calls and Facebook fan pages is: "Joe, How do I get rid of my belly fat, I'm fine but by belly just seem to be protruding?"

It's obvious all of us are becoming very aware of the unhealthy look a bulging tummy gives us. For men and women, it makes them look unattractive.

While it doesn't look good physically having a bulky tummy, today, I'm going to tell you the findings of my research on the potential health dangers that having a belly fat may cause.

And this affect even the thin people who do not have a Belly fat as well. You will see the reasons as you read on in this article.

In other words, no matter the size of your tummy, you are not free from the dangers associated with belly fat, because unknown to even thin people, some belly fat are hidden deep inside the internal organs and this can be too much but not noticeable in the form of a belly bulge for a thin person.

Now don't get me wrong. The body actually need a measure of fat in the system, but how much of it in your body is what matters. The purpose of this work is to enlighten you on what excess of this fat can do to you and what you can do to prevent any future illness that might result from it, even if you do not notice the belly bulge that comes from belly fat.

According to a research study by pathology doctor Carol Shively (PhD) of the Wake Forest School of Medicine in the UK, the storage of fat happens in two ways, namely:

  • Fat stored under the skin in places like under the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen (belly fat), are called "Subcutaneous fat."
  • Fat stored deeper and around vital organs such as the liver, lungs, heart, abdomen and the pelvis is called "Visceral fat."

Now, "Subcutaneous fat." is the one that manifest quickly and we see it as noticeable fat in places like the buttocks, stomach, thighs and arms, while "Visceral fat" are not seen but it's there in your body.

Because people notice "Subcutaneous fat" quickly, they are more concerned to get rid of it, whereas what poses the greatest danger in the body is the "Visceral fat" because this type of fat affect major organs in the body that powers our living mechanisms.

How Does It Affect The Vital Organs, You May Ask?

According to the same study from doctor Carol Shively (PhD), the work of the "Visceral fat" is to cushion the vital organs, however, when it becomes excess or grows due to unhealthy living habits, it can secrete dangerous toxins and inflammatory compounds that can trigger such degenerative illnesses as type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, heart disease, cancer of the breast, colon, and endometrium.

What Causes "Visceral Fat"?

The truth is everyone is born with a measure of these two types of fat, whether you are thin or fat. However, as you grow and start to change lifestyle and depending on your genetical makeup, your body starts to add excess of these two types of fat.

Other factors that contributes to the growth of these types of fat are stress, less or more sleep, age and sex.

Generally, men under the age of 40 store more Visceral fat and have a higher ratio of Visceral fat to Subcutaneous fat compared to women of the same age. But women start to store more visceral fat after Menopause.

If you are a fat person, your body can run out of safe places to store these two types of fats, at this point, the build of of fat around the heart, liver, and other major organs increases. The more build up of fat in these vital organs, the more likely you will get any of these diseases outlined above, as the Visceral fat injects more of its inflammatory compounds into the body to accelerate the build up of these ailments.

How Do You Know When You Have Too Much of These Fats?

In tertiary medical institutions such as teaching hospitals and private laboratories, there are instruments used to measure excess fat build up known as CT scan or MRI. However, the simplest way to gauge when you have too much of these fats is measuring of the waist size.

And I think this is simple enough for anyone to do. According to expert study, a waist size of over 40 for men and 35 for women shows unsafe levels of Visceral fat.

So get a tape now and measure yourself and see if you are in the comfort or Unsafe zone.

What About Thin People?

Generally, most thin people have a healthy level of Visceral fat. However, due to genetics some thin people may still have excess visceral fat in their body.

Thin People Also Have Visceral Fat

Just as overweight people have excess Visceral fat, a thin person whose genes allowed him to have excess visceral fat will equally be manifesting insulin resistance due to high level of cholesterol and blood sugar.

A thin person who leads an inactive lifestyle have a tendency to store more Visceral fat without knowing it. According to a study from the British Medical Research Council, it shows that thin people who maintain their weight through dieting alone, rather than combine it with the use of exercise, have a higher tendency of accumulating an unhealthy level of Visceral fat.

How To Control The Growth Of "Visceral Fat"

There are 4 things that have been proven to successfully control the growth of Visceral fat. They are:

  • Regular Exercises
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Adequate Sleep (Not less than 6 hours, and not more than 8 hours)
  • Stress Management

On the part of exercises, the most effective workout that burns Visceral fat are short cardio exercises or high Intensity exercises that has effect for up 48 hours. These exercises are outlined in my 30 Days Belly Blast And Nutrition Program.

It is imperative that no matter how busy you are, try to "Create" time for at least 30 minutes of exercises 2 or 3 times per week. If you are willing to do something about the dangerous Visceral fat, and wish to add effective exercise program, I will advice you get the exercise videos CD also advertised on this blog on the Exercise Video CD link above.

The truth is high intensity exercises trims both Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat and arrests future build up, thus preventing associated degenerative diseases that might accrue as a result.

Do this, and you will be fit, trim, and continue to enjoy a lasting healthy lifestyle.

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